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Golf in a steampunk world. With puzzles. And physics.

SteamGolf is a beautiful and challenging golf simulator that adds physical doors and gravity manipulation into the mix.


  • Use one of the three clubs to shoot with the desired strength and angle.
  • Navigate trapdoors and gates through levers and buttons.
  • Use “Gravity Drive” to stabilize shots and manipulate bounces.
  • Pan (using one finger) and zoom (using pinch gestures) to take a better look at what lies ahead.
  • Learn to navigate different surfaces: Metal, Rubber and Ice..

Adventure Mode

  • Unlock more courses by beating all the levels in each course.
  • There are six courses in all.
  • Try to collect 3 stars in each level.

Game Center Features

  • Leaderboards: Individual leaderboards for each course, and one overall leaderboard.
  • Achievements: 7 achievements to unlock, with more on the way!
  • Turn Based Multiplayer: Challenge your friends to a 3 round game with random levels.


Once I got the hang of it, it was hard to put down until I beat the whole game!


It was pretty exciting to get a hole-in-one!

Kevin K.

Comments, Requests & Bug Reports

Technologies Used

  • TinyXML
  • PicoPNG

The Team

Patrik Spacek(Art & Level Design)

Mitesh Shah(Programming & Music)

Marvin Hawkins(Design & Marketing)

Steven Googe(Sound Design)

Jeremiah Cauthorn(Additional Programming)

Special Thanks: Andrew Thayer, Mark Vernon